no81bob top 20 2011: No 4 This Woman’s Work – Kate Bush

Wow. Kate Bush is 52.

I know its rude to discuss someone’s age, but I’m just stunned that it’s so long ago since she first appeared in our living room with that wild voice, those wild eyes, the wild hair and the strangest dancing that we’d all ever seen.  And that magical song swirling all over the place, as mad as the dancing.  In 1978, Kate Bush was only 19 when she was on Top of the Pops and performed Wuthering Heights in that white dress.  We’d never seen or heard anything like it.  The mad woman in the attic personified.  Through the 80s she brought us amazing and eccentric songs and albums…For my video I’ve not chosen a song from the album but the clip from the 80s film She’s Having a Baby when Kate’s song This Woman’s Work becomes more than the soundtrack and becomes the film.  You get the bonus sight of Kevin Bacon streaming snot but also the amazing image of a teardrop falling and turning to blood.  Be warned, this is a tearjerker.



“All the things we should’ve done but we never did…”

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