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Catching up on forty years. 1999: Praise You – Fat Boy Slim

After all, this is the song that opened the Seagulls’ long-awaited Amex Stadium in 2011, a celebration of the long haul, the club’s wonderful new home and their unique relationship with dance music star DJ Fat Boy Slim.


Day 6 – A song that reminds you of Somewhere – Good Old Sussex By The Sea

It is the sound of the Goldstone Ground, RIP.

Living with…John Coltrane…for a week

As we traipsed out in the garden to make the most of the extra hours daylight I asked P, “so what are a few of your favourite things?”

Without hesitation she replied “macaroni cheese” and “trampolining”.

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Living with…Joy Division…for a week

Joy Divided by Tragedy: Tuesday night –  a story of two dads Craig Noone’s On Tuesday night I stood next to Craig Noone’s dad for 90 minutes. Craig Noone, I should explain, is… Continue reading

Living with…Blur…for a week

Fake Rivals Mention the mid 90s and Blur (and by that I don’t mean a mis-pronunciation of the UK Labour leader of the time) and you will think of the great battle of… Continue reading

Living with…Queen…for a week

This week is being spent as a Night at the Opera. Queen’s classic 1975 album. “Mama, I just killed a man…” I start with a Sunday car journey on a dark winter’s evening… Continue reading

Living with…Pink Floyd’s The Wall…for a week

Mine’s an Americano By the standards of bands that need help with reconciliation I felt a few weeks back that the Fugees and Lauryn Hill  took some beating. ”Before I work with Lauryn… Continue reading

Don’t Cry For Me Withdean

“Don’t cry for me Withdean The truth is I never loved you All through my away days My nomad existence I kept my promise And kept my distance” [With apologies now to Tim Rice] Last… Continue reading

Learning Italian with…Dean Martin…for a week

[I’m sure somewhere I need to find copyright for this glorious photo, so may have to remove it…but for the time being enjoy the captured moment…see Shirley Maclaine quote below] Continuing the Italian… Continue reading