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Living with…Peter Gabriel (and friends)…for a week

Me and Peter down by the schoolyard – he encouraged me to look beyond the fence


Living with…Vampire Weekend…for a week

Why would you go in search of the mythical for a band name? Why not have a sensible name like The Beatles or U2?

Living with…André Rieu…for a week

The man from Maastricht. His music his money and his mane.

Living with…Manic Street Preachers…for a week

A new year’s resolution is unplugged…

Countdown No 15: Brett Domino – Beauty and a Beat

Where Justin Bieber meets youtube – a homeland of brilliant covers – the best being the Brett Domino and Beauty and a Beat…

Countdown No 14: Lana Del Rey – National Anthem

Lana Del Rey is a degenerate Disney princess while she hides away from the fawning children and has a stiff cherry schnapps and a cigarette in the bar…

Countdown No 7: Bob Dylan – It Must Be Santa

This Sunday along with millions of others the tree went up…and of course, the Christmas compilation plays in the background.

Countdown No 1: We Bought a Zoo, Jonsi – Go Do

The concept of We Bought A Zoo sort of appeals in a household like ours where the animals easily outnumber the humans, and could one day take us over.

Living with…Bruce Springsteen…for a week

So that’s one off the bucket list.

Things I wanted to achieve before I kicked the bucket.

Seeing Bruce Springsteen live.