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CATCHING UP ON FORTY YEARS. 2001: Can’t Get You Out Of My Head – Kylie Minogue

Can’t Get You Out of My Head is no classic bluegrass gospel number. It doesn’t have particularly meaningful lyrics. On the 1000th play it does become a tad annoying. But it is my song that represents 2001.


Catching up on forty years. 2000: Down to the river to pray – Alison Krauss

Marking the millennium by celebrating good old ways…let’s go down to the river to pray.

Living with…Regina Spektor…for a week

At a time when the world frets, a little something to make you smile is good, so as good a tonic as any for me this week.

Living with…André Rieu…for a week

The man from Maastricht. His music his money and his mane.

Countdown No 9: Singing Smiths songs in Ukrainian

Ah, The Smiths I thought. That’s great. What difference does it make? Except it’s not.

It’s The Smiths in Ukrainian. Yes! The Smiths in Ukrainian.

Countdown No 3: Overcoming the weather with Cerys Matthews – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

…And then the peak and the real icy wind at which the song came to mind. The seasonal duet from Cerys and Tom. Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Fortunately the bitter wind cleared my renditions away quickly so no one but me ever heard.

Countdown No 2: Dad Dancing, OMD – Sailing on the Seven Seas

Dad Dancing – I fall in this ‘embarrassing’ category although my flamboyance is limited to the confines of my kitchen and living room, improving in my eyes at least after that 6 o’clock glass of beer.

Living with…Bruce Springsteen…for a week

So that’s one off the bucket list.

Things I wanted to achieve before I kicked the bucket.

Seeing Bruce Springsteen live.

Living with…Daft Punk…for a week

Daft Punk is playing in everyone’s house?