Catching up on forty years. 1989: She Drives Me Crazy – Fine Young Cannibals


There are some groups and set of songs that seem to get forgotten regardless of how brilliant they were. Fine Young Cannibals or FYC to abbreviate them appropriately seem to be one of those.

Two excellent albums. a string of reasonably performing hits and yet you never seem to hear them anymore.

FYC delivered my favourite (but one) moment at the Birmingham NEC, the killer of many a live event with it’s aircraft hanger acoustics. Maybe it’s because they’e a brum act, or maybe because they were just darn well enjoying themselves.  Frontman Roland Gift was mr charisma, loving himself as much, if not probably more than his audience.  The two bendy legged guitarists from The Beat – David Steele and Andy Cox – were irrepressible.  So while Roland swooned with his audience they jiggled and wiggled.  Combined with a very enthusiastic brummie audience, an excellent set featuring delightful backing singers and the NEC became a heaving bopping heaven.

As FYC songs goes it’s a toss-up between Good Thing, Johnny Come Home and She Drives Me Crazy.  The latter edges it for the distinctive driving beat and big sound guitar and Gift’s vocal acrobatics.  Maybe not for the video, but we’re still in the 80s let’s not forget

Elsewhere in the world of music this was the year of Soul II Soul and Lisa Stansfield and Guns ‘N’ Roses greatest moments.  It was also sadly the year of Jive Bunny.

In the wider world the Berlin Wall collapses and the first release of Microsoft Office is issued.