Catching up on forty years. 1984: Sixty Eight Guns – The Alarm


the alarm bw

Time for some great shouty Welsh music.  After all, with the countdown starting in 1973 Tom Jones’ best moments have passed (well, at least until he goes through his resurrection later in the ’80s).

1984 was a year of musical discovery for me, as I flexed my independence further.  Even, my progressive stalwarts through the previous decade, Yes, decided to step out with a totally out of character 90125 album, and a cracking single Owner of a Lonely Heart.  Frankie Says was on every t-shirt and every wall, and given a different mood I would have chosen Two Tribes as my song of the year.  That wailing siren.

When you hear the air attack warning, You and your family must take cover…”

Gosh, remember those days when we were afraid of the Russians invading…oh, hang on a minute, I’m experiencing déjà vu.

1984 was the summer of happiness, with Wham’s Freedom and Wake Me Up, and Nena’s 99 Luftbalons.

But instead I’m choosing a less conspicuous Welsh group whose greatest hit shouted it’s way to number 17 never to be surpassed. But this was my song of the year, a meaningless energy-packed cryout.  I think my love for this song coincided with going to gigs and the whole experience, and (aside from OMD now) The Alarm was my most frequent gig. So, all together…

And now they’re trying to take my life away
Forever young I cannot stay

Nothing lasts forever is all they seem to tell you when you’re young

Unashamedly, I’ll also confess to a great love for Marillion’s Script for a Jester’s Tear as well that year; and Bruce’s Born in the USA and Howard Jones’s New Song, Nik Kershaw, and even a bit of Bronski Beat!

Sadly, 1984 also saw the year of Stevie Wonder’s I Just Called… and Black Lace’s Agadoo – but then you can’t have everything.