Countdown No 7: Bob Dylan – It Must Be Santa

Santa Bob Dylan

Santa Bob Dylan

This Sunday along with millions of others the tree went up.

The official marking of the start of the Christmas season.  The decoration boxes were dragged from the garage (suitably a seasonal red, of course) and the decades of generations unwrapped from their tissue paper.  One always gets broken in the unwrapping.  And remarkably M remembers the story of each decoration.  Who it was from.  Where it was from.  What craft activity P had been doing when she made it.  We each have a Disney one now – naughty Stitch for P, Minnie for M and Donald Duck (because of course I do an excellent impersonation on demand) for myself.

And of course, the Christmas compilation plays in the background.  For many years this had been a Bing Crosby selection  – the slow gentle play of strings, the croon, the crackling fire.  The last few years a more spritely compilation spanning the decades from Bing and Frank through to Girls Aloud.  This year, we truly rose to the digital age and relied on the Spotify Christmas app that saw us through the full afternoon and in  to the early evening.

Nestled amidst Wizzard and East 17 came a reminder of one of my true favourites of recent years from Bob Dylan’s 2009 Christmas album.  The song –  It Must Be Santa.  A riot of accordions and frenetic drumming this has to be the sound of every great drunken party.  Like most of the album it sounds like it’s all been put together in a hurry but for that reason is just the refreshing tonic you need.