Countdown No 1: We Bought a Zoo, Jonsi – Go Do

we bought a zoo

We DID buy a zoo

I’ve taken a slightly longer sabbatical from no81bob’s world than anticipated but I’m back for a little countdown to Christmas and the New Year.

That’s not to say that the music didn’t stop playing in our house, just that the pen dried up. As the sage Village People say

“You can’t stop the music, nobody can stop the music. ”

So what better way to return than a quick catch up of the music that did grace the airwaves of our house over the year.


The summer started with the soundtrack to a family favourite all-over schmaltzy feel-good film. The concept of We Bought A Zoo sort of appeals in a household like ours where the animals easily outnumber the humans, and could one day take us over. Personally I fear the rabbit the most – she has that evil glint in the eyes.

So we’ve caught the film a few times – cinema, got the DVD etc. And each time I’m blown away by the soundtrack which is by Sigur Ros’s Jonsi and features several tracks from his brilliant and underrated solo album Go as well as obviously the eponymous Hoppípolla. Mixed in with the story of the film it is sometimes maudlin sometimes stirringly uplifting. You have to be a hardcore film fan or Jonsi fan to listen to this all the way through I suppose (and I did) but heartily recommend a dip for something a little different when it comes to soundtracks.

Featured below is Go Do – just get up and jig around the room in a disjointed manner with a parrot on your shoulder – it is the only way.