Countdown No 15: Brett Domino – Beauty and a Beat

I should never really have done this.

Spent a week with Justin Bieber’s music, that is.

Everyone told me that it wouldn’t work out.  Frankly, they said I was too old. And Yes, I confess that in the end I strayed but it was in to the world of El Bieb covers on youtube.  This is his homeland where fans and just generally the world hangs out.  And I loved what the world of youtube does when it meets El Bieb.

Beauty and a Beat  perfomed on the STYLOPHONE 2 by Brett Domino and his friend Steven Peavis

This was my favourite by a long way – if it wasn’f for this week with El Bieb I wouldn’t have discovered Brett, surely one of the greater talents lurking on the world of youtube.  And also a man not afraid of a tank top.  What he can’t do with a stylophone isn’t worth talking about.  He also plays the role of Nicki Minaj.  Once you’ve checked this out try his Bad Romance and Sexy and I Know It.

As a double treat here is Brett and Steven’s cover of Get Lucky! You have to admire the fade-outs…