Countdown No 14: Lana Del Rey – National Anthem

Cinderella - Dina Goldstein

Cinderella – Dina Goldstein

In many senses Lana Del Rey could be the American darling – all looks and glamour – the perfectly produced star.  But she is also playing that Desparate Housewives game.  A perfect beauty standing by the tree of life picking the apple.  She is a Bree Van de Kamp – for all the uptight glamour behind the net curtains (not that she’d have nets) lurks the ‘dark side of the American Dream’.  At times Bree drinks herself in to oblivion, almost detroying herself.  LDR’s songs are not all sweetness – they come laced with alcohol.  With strychnine.

Beneath the lush sound of her songs and sweet sweet smoky voice lies the America that it wants to hide but also loves to flirt with us.  America’s best moments on screen and music are when it teases out life behind the white picket fences and immaculate front doors.  At heart people are good but also so flawed.

She is a degenerate Disney princess while she hides away from the fawning children and has a stiff cherry schnapps and a cigarette in the bar…

National Anthem is sooo lush.  The girlie chorus.  LDR’s voice at it’s most haunting and almost a motto for the Van de Kamps and the dark side?

“Money is the anthem,
Of success.
So put on mascara,
And your party dress.”

Try to catch the video. Take that great American dream, the JFK and Jacqueline Kennedy story, and gently subvert it beyond that sad and tragic day in Texas 1963.  Make LDR of course Jacqueline (oh the great dream to wear those dresses and the hair).  And then make JFK black and a rapper.  Make them a beautiful family and then re-enact.  Kill off a black president.  It’s a twist and a shallow stab at our taboos at the same time.

Cinder is by Dina Goldstein Art from the collection Fallen Princesses: