Countdown No 2: Dad Dancing, OMD – Sailing on the Seven Seas

dad dancing

dad dancing

When I first saw Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (henceforth known as OMD) live in 1986 I fell in love with the dancing of Andy McCluskey, King of the Dad Dancers. Twenty something years on he is still bopping with that same energy, if a little more breathless at the end of a song.

For the proof, a 2006 performance of Sailing on the Seven Seas complete with orchestra and backing singers who all join him in the unique ritual – just admire the moves!

So what is Dad Dancing? One definition is “the making of embarrassing flamboyant dance moves to pop music by middle-aged men”. Bearing in mind that Andy McCluskey would have been far from middle-aged when he started his unique style, it’s fair to say he was ahead of his time. Or at least ahead of his age. Rolling Stone describes his dancing as “a walking encyclopedia of New Wave dance moves.”

Now I have a 12 year old daughter it’s fair to say that I fall in this ‘embarrassing’ category although my flamboyance is limited to the confines of my kitchen and living room, improving in my eyes at least after that 6 o’clock glass of beer. It has been officially confirmed to me that I am an ‘embarrassment’ particularly in demonstating the McCluskey to the backdrop of Maid of Orleans. And no I was never ever to do a dad daughter dance routine. Ever.

Shame, because the dancing is only going to get more embarrassing.