Countdown No 15: Brett Domino – Beauty and a Beat

Where Justin Bieber meets youtube – a homeland of brilliant covers – the best being the Brett Domino and Beauty and a Beat…


Countdown No 14: Lana Del Rey – National Anthem

Lana Del Rey is a degenerate Disney princess while she hides away from the fawning children and has a stiff cherry schnapps and a cigarette in the bar…

Countdown No 13: Ewigi Liebi: Endless Love in Swiss German

There’s soft rock and then there’s Swiss soft rock. This is schmaltz… with a capital SCH. Discover the sound that comes from a rotating cheese maker,

Countdown No 12: Breakfast in America

Top of my Desert Islands goody bag and long journeys playlists…

Countdown No 11: EBTG – The Only Living Boy in New York

Of great songs.

And my favourite today will be The Only Living Boy in New York.

Of beautiful boy and girl harmonies.

Countdown No 10: Mandela Day

The songs. This is how I found out things. Songs that called out for change and justice – songs that we sang here in the UK but probably didn’t really understand.

Countdown No 9: Singing Smiths songs in Ukrainian

Ah, The Smiths I thought. That’s great. What difference does it make? Except it’s not.

It’s The Smiths in Ukrainian. Yes! The Smiths in Ukrainian.

Countdown No 8: Bruce Springsteen – Badlands

My favourite Springsteen moment goes to Badlands – belt it out on the drums. Holler your heads off and join in with the chant at the end…

Countdown No 7: Bob Dylan – It Must Be Santa

This Sunday along with millions of others the tree went up…and of course, the Christmas compilation plays in the background.