Catching up on forty years. 1974: Remember You’re a Womble – The Wombles

I confess this was the first single that I ever bought and therefore, I guess, has to be very important…From a time when there was that iconic slot in the TV schedule that adults and children converged on, just before the news and after all the other kid’s stuff.


Catching up on forty years. 1973: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John

We start with 1973. As a 9 year old my music is picked up mainly from Radio One…

Living with…no music…for forty years

The story of Joanne Milne is one that is particularly close to home for us. The sub story is a friend’s present to hear – Catching up on 40 years, the first 40 tracks that you should hear in your life.

Living with…Peter Gabriel (and friends)…for a week

Me and Peter down by the schoolyard – he encouraged me to look beyond the fence

Living with…Regina Spektor…for a week

At a time when the world frets, a little something to make you smile is good, so as good a tonic as any for me this week.

Living with…Vampire Weekend…for a week

Why would you go in search of the mythical for a band name? Why not have a sensible name like The Beatles or U2?

Living in…Hotel California…for a week

This week’s travel guide takes us on a tour of Hotel Californias from Newquay to Bangkok.

Living with…André Rieu…for a week

The man from Maastricht. His music his money and his mane.

Living with…Manic Street Preachers…for a week

A new year’s resolution is unplugged…