Living with…Nirvana…for a week

After the feel-good of Neil-good Diamond, it may not be the natural place to go, but this is where I find myself  – Nirvana – a place where sumptuous emotions are cast aside,… Continue reading

Living with…Neil Diamond…for a week

Neil Diamond is macaroni cheese.

Macaroni cheese is childhood Saturday lunchtimes tucking in to seconds before dashing off to play the next earnest game of football.
Neil Diamond is long car journeys, and lps playing on a gramophone the size of a sideboard.

Living with…Massive Attack…for a week

Its the album cover of Blue Lines that I will have recalled over the years. This came out in 1991 and fair to say had a prominent position on the chart shelves of Woolworths,… Continue reading

Living with…Public Enemy…for a week

No history here with Public Enemy so should this be interesting!  Allegedly, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back is one of those definitive albums of the 80s, and I… Continue reading

Living with…Talking Heads…for a week

Memories of first hearing Talking Heads are intrinsically tied to a short and all but forgotten friendship.  George had moved over to England from Greece to live with his beautiful blonde wife.  The… Continue reading

Living with…Prince…for a week

“Dearly beloved We are gathered here today 2 get through this thing called life Electric word life It means forever and that’s a mighty long time” It’s the 80s and only Prince (or the… Continue reading

Living with…Bob Dylan…for a week

I asked, who next and as suggested, I’m spending the week with his Bobness.  So still not straying out of the 60s, but I will do soon! Promise. The difference here is that… Continue reading

Living with…Aretha Franklin…for a week

Lady Soul moves in on Monday – she is an excellent houseguest.  From the moment the chant “Chain Chain Chain” comes spilling from the speakers she sets out to entertain, but not challenge. … Continue reading

My Dad and Mick Jagger

Returning to an earlier question, I sat down with my dad and we tried to work out what he had in common with Mick Jagger. Our quest was short and limited. They both love… Continue reading