Catching up on forty years. 1993: Big Time Sensuality – Bjork


There’s something about Iceland.  The old ‘hate poetry’.  The even older volcanoes that can grind the world to a halt when they cough.  Their rather unique economic set-up.  And their unique offerings in the world of music.  Sigur Ros and their lead singer Jonsi are still very much part of our scene switching from brooding danger to flitty happiness in tone as they see fit.

And back in 1993, there was Bjork.  She’d been around for a few years if you’d been experimenting with The Sugarcubes, but in 1993 she assaulted the charts with a distinctive look and voice that snarled and screamed and skipped through songs.  In later years we were to get It’s Oh So Quiet and Army of Me.  But Debut brought me two favourites.  The David Arnold collaboration Play Dead is a rich orchestral piece combining the wail of her voice against a cinematic backdrop.  But Big Time Sensuality is pure ecstatic pop, a celebration of life and friendship.  It also has one of the most iconic videos ever as Bjork skips, dances, bounces and generally gets very excited on the back of a truck going down a New York street.  The ultimate selfie video before they were even invented.

However. if you’ve ever seen Dawn French’s rendition, it will never be the same again.

in the wider world in 1993, the first Dyson vacuum cleaner was brought out.  Where would we be without them now?