Catching up on forty years. 1975: Space Oddity – David Bowie


david bowie space oddity1975 was a year of change for me.  Moving on out of  safety to big school.  Moving away from the safety of where I’d always lived.  Stepping out a little bit with musical taste, but only gingerly.  Adventurous music wasn’t inherent in the family but I paid attention to this slightly weird man on our black and white television who sang of Major Tom, and being stranded and floating away and space flight.  Imagine if I’d seen him in colour.  Who was he?  To be honest, I wasn’t really to find out for a few years but this song marked a few spluttering footsteps on from the normal pop that I consumed.  For the main part Abba played on the PYE record cabinet in our living room and a Neil Diamond and James Taylor back catalogue.

Film-wise I adored the Pink Panther.  Television-wise the grown-ups seemed to laugh a lot at The Good Life and Fawlty Towers but I’m not sure I got them quite yet.   The family’s route to ‘recording’ anything on the TV involved putting on a cassette recorder, shutting the door, and telling everybody to shut up until the programme had finished!

Meanwhile other great music of the year that could have been selected –

Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen

The Hustle – Van McCoy (no seriously, listen again – it’s brilliant! (if only for the dancing))

and of course the whole of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here classic album.

But a big NO-NO-NO to

The Goodies’ Funky Gibbon.


You can, of course, spend a whole week with David Bowie – Living with…David Bowie…for a week.