Catching up on forty years. 1974: Remember You’re a Womble – The Wombles


Only one year in and I’m already checking the rules of this journey as I’m about to impose The Wombles on someone who hasn’t heard any music all their life! Catching up on forty years is a celebration of the amazing story of Joanne Milne who after been deaf all her life, now has the gift of hearing and on top of that a compilation of a song from every year of her life from her friends.  This is what I would choose for the last forty years – what would you?

So why the Wombles?  Because….I confess this was the first single that I ever bought and therefore, I guess, has to be very important!

I’ll put it on the record though.  There have been some appalling TV tie-in songs that have ended up in the charts over the years but The Wombles hits don’t fall in to that category so I’m proud for this to be representing 1974.  From a time when there was that iconic slot in the TV schedule that adults and children converged on,  just before the news and after all the other kid’s stuff.  And our tastes met over The Magic Roundabout, Ivor The Engine and of course, The Wombles.  We all knew the theme tune was iconic from the moment we heard it, as was the recycling theme that the Wombles introduced to our young consciousness when that wasn’t really what people did as a rule.

The band called The Wombles had a brief but influential life in the 70’s, probably as famous for launching the career of Mike Batt as anything else.  They did however reform for a brief appearance at Glastonbury in 2011 allowing someone the important privilege as they took the stage to announce “Let’s Get Ready to Womble!!”

1974 would have been all the poorer without the Wombles but I suppose if we were going on pure music and not just emotional connection then also rans in song of the year would include any track from Supertramp’s Crime of the Century album, Queen’s Killer Queen and Jimmy Ruffin’s What Becomes of the Brokenhearted.

I think the Wombles would agree with me in consigning to the scrap heap of musical history Y Viva Espana and The Streak.  No recycling allowed.

On to ’75….