Countdown No 13: Ewigi Liebi: Endless Love in Swiss German

ewigi liebi

There’s soft rock and then there’s Swiss soft rock.  Introducing Mash and their hit Ewigi Liabi, the seventh biggest selling song in Swiss music history – having been beated by such greats as Madonna, Snow Patrol and DJ Otzi.   This is what we expect.  A gentle but firm piano sequence, an inspiring lifting chorus of “Endless love – that’s what I wish for you”, waving candles in the wind. This is so big in Switzerland there has been a musical Ewigi Liabi that ran very successfully until a few years back.

So I really should have chosen Mash’s video to support this song – after all it features gently lapping lakes, beautiful babies being kissed and a gorgeous closing sunset. But I have to apologize.

Instead I discovered a cover of this song by Simu and Simu – how could I resist? This is schmaltz… with a capital SCH. If you do one thing this week watch this video and share some classic scenes. The ability for the lead singer to persistently sing while his fraulein is scything a field behind him; the slo mo running and spinning scene; the band scene – what actual sound comes from a rotating cheese maker, and possibly the worst game of hide and seek ever.