Countdown No 6: One Day More – Les Misérables


You’ve got to admire the workmanship even if sometimes it feels like you’re being hit around the head by a full-size French revolutionary barricade…

Les miserables rather sounds like a morbid medical condition.  Forget the slogan for the film Fight Hope Dream Love.  This is more like utter desolation, failed revolution, disillusionment, suicide and a rather long drawn-out death (or hang on, was that Blood Brothers?).  Obviously it does all end in a rousing chorus and some people fall in love so that’s OK but it is a pure emotional overload trip along the way. And none the worse for it.

So although I recommend the film as a stocking filler this Christmas it comes with some practical no81bob advice.

  • Stock up on coffee beforehand (it’s long)
  • Pack some tissues (seriously you won’t get through without at least one little dab)
  • Don’t expect to be in a fit state for much afterwards.

But my favourite Les Mis moment?  This flashmob of One Day More performed in a Warsaw shopping centre.


Vive la révolution?