Living with…Eurovision…for a night

The Eurovision Song Contest 2013 - Day 4 Rehearsals and Photocalls

Very few events totally dominate twitter.  Eurovision is one of those (well, In Europe at least – the rest of the world must look on in bemusement).  Eurovision can contribute beauty to the world – ABBA – and can also spawneth a monster – Celine Dion.

Here is my celebration of my small corner of twitterdom as events unfolded last night.

This was all so big it even surpassed Beckham’s last home football game even complete with his tears.


The Build-Up

As the tension builds up a little tip for the Swedish from one who knows how to mark an occasion

@Queen_UK: If the King of Sweden parachutes in from a helicopter, one will be marginally impressed. #eurovision

Fot those gathering across the UK for Eurovision parties some guidance on the basic rules of the drinking game.

@SkyBet: #Eurovision drinking game rules – drink for;
1) Political mention
2) Crying
3) Sexual innuendo
4) Boob squeeze
5) Man in tights
Who’s in?


The Songs and Show

And then we’re in to the marathon that is the songs, 26 in all, each one feeling like the longest mile.

A useful health tip early on…

@UpikTips: When watching the Romanian Eurovision Song Contest entry, The NHS Direct line can provide immediate help to a traumatised relative


As always fashion features high on the agenda

@JimmyBHAFC: A sultry number from the French lady. She appears to be sporting a shredded bin bag, though #Eurovision

@Jodes93: Someone has been watching The Hunger Games #eurovisionsongcontest ( a dress on fire)


And maybe the singing isn’t always appreciated

@RonMooreMoreRon: I’d rather listen to Janet Street Porter giving singing lessons to Joe Pasquale in a room of angry cats on heat! #eurovisionsongcontest

@AnthonyDonnelly: Twitter is brilliant. I can follow #eurovisionsongcontest without hearing any of it #result


Puns abound

@Charles_HRH: They think it’s Moldova. It is now. No points. #eurovision

@benellibiker: I bought a Satnav from Bonnie Tyler last week ,it just keeps telling me to “TURN AROUND BRIGHTEYES”  

As does the occasional ‘political’ observation

@1755Dictionary: As she sings, a naked Putin looks into the mirror and sobs uncontrollably. #eurovision2013

@Queen_UK: Text from Angela Merkel: “Tell me I’m not paying for this shit” #eurovision


A little bit of cycnicsm prevails

@mrmarksteel: I’m not an expert on Eurovision, but camp Romanian vampire opera with a hint of dubstep automatically wins doesn’t it?

@AlChemistXIII: Some rock, a pretty lady in a tight dress and some cleavage. Methinks Norway has a 3rd-place-winning formula. #EurovisionSongContest


 And an honourable mention for my personal favourite of the evening about Jeremy of I.T. from Malta

@ThatKatKid: hats off to malta for getting the words ‘risk assessment’ into an alright song #eurovisionsongcontest


The politics of voting

The usual cynicism applied to how the voting went

@1755Dictionary: Eurovision results: 1) Eastern bloc 2) Scandinavian bloc 3) Balkan bloc

@mattzarb: The UK’s the geeky bloke who hosts the house party, buys all the alcohol then smiles all night while everyone trashes his house. #eurovision

Although my favourite observation was

@stevenperkins: We always assume that “you cannot vote for the UK” message is just for us, but it’s actually shown in every country.


The winner

Even if Bonnie couldn’t win on the night, she could have sung us out on the winner

@krishk: Once upon a time I was falling in love
Now I’m only falling apart
There’s nothing I can do
Twelve points go to Denmark #eurovision2013


And finally pun of the day goes to

 @delfish2: Nil Pois

nils pois


PS.  Not everyone was gripped by Eurovision though

@Alex_Pearce: eurovision has given me a chance to finish off the update to the #office365 for education starter manual-will be released over the next week