Living with…Justin Bieber…for a week

Justin Bieber Doll.

Justin Bieber Doll. With thanks to

I’m really not supposed to do this.

Spend a week with Justin Bieber’s music, that is.

Everyone told me that it wouldn’t work out.  Frankly, they said I was too old.  That I would be unfaithful and dig out a Lou Reed or Leonard Cohen album part the way through the week to counter-balance the teen-filled world of El Bieb.

I do have previous here though.  With an eleven year old in the house, and a concert during the week at the NIA, I was going to be well and truly beliebed anyway.

And I didn’t go in to this naïve either – I purposefully chose an acoustic set – his latest Believe Acoustic – and that should make it a lot easier, I thought – after all the songs aren’t bad, are they?

I hoped the teeen hormones would pump through at a more restraimed level.  But then it opens with “If I was your boyfriend…”  and “As long as you love me…” so it was a lost cause from the beginning.

And Yes, I confess that I did stray but it was in to the world of El Bieb covers on youtube.  This is his homeland where fans and just generally the world hangs out.  And I loved what the world of youtube does when it meets El Bieb.  Here are my top Justin Bieber covers (including one by himself, if that makes sense).  With one exception they’re not parodies, these are the people who love his music and do something just a little different :

Beauty and a Beat  perfomed on the STYLOPHONE 2 by Brett Domino and his friend Steven Peavis

My favourite by a long way – if it wasn’f for this week with El Bieb I wouldn’t have discovered Brett, surely one of the greater talents lurking on the world of youtube.  And also a man not afraid of a tank top.  What he can’t do with a stylophone isn’t worth talking about.  He also plays the role of Nicki Minaj.  Once you’ve checked this out try his Bad Romance and Sexy and I Know It.

Beauty And A Beat performed by Alex Goot, Kurt Schneider, and Chrissy Costanza 

The same song again (well, it is one of his better numbers!) but this time, you know, it’s just a good old fashioned pop song performed with a piano, a drum machine and a girl in a cardigan.  How retro.

Baby  Glee version

You can’t really have a cover sequence without featuring a Glee number somewhere and they have been woefully missing from no81bob’s world for a long time.  But with Glee in full revival mode in our house I had to choose this performance of Baby by old trout lips, sorry I mean Sam.

Barack Obama Singing Boyfriend

My one concession to parodies (and trust me, there are no shortage of people sending up El Bieb out there), but actually this is quite clever.  Take iconic president and iconic pop song and mix them together for a wry smile.

As Long As You Love Me / Wide Awake performed by Pentatonix 

Nothing more than quality acapella from a product of another reality show in the States.  Worthwhile checking out for their other covers of Goyte and PSY.  Just quality, really.

All Around The World (Mashup Cover) performed by The Vamps

Certainly not top of my list of covers here, they’re even younger then El Bieb, but you can’t fault them for effort and turning Bieber pop in to garage rock.

Metal version of Baby by Justin Bieber

And to finish with the man (or boy) himself.  Give him his due he’s not precious on what style he adopts.  And here he lets the guitarists out for a biit of a metal frenzy.  I’ve searched high and low and can’t find the Metallica Bieber tribute album but as soon as I do you’ll be the first to know.  Any coolness  that may have been forthcoming is sadly washed away in the sea of P***i advertising that dominates the stage.