Living with…an eleven year old’s party playlist…for a week


with thanks to (Stefan)

One eleven year old’s party playlist


Take a room full of excited children (mainly girls) and wind them up with a party activity for an hour.

Place an open laptop with Spotify in the room.

Start a suitable parentally-approved playlist (Abba, Girls Aloud etc.).

Step One – Leave the room.

Essential.  The following steps will happen automatically…


Step Two – Forbidden pleasures – wiggles and shuffles

Listen while the children congregate around the laptop and discuss the spelling of LMFAO and Sexy and I Know It.

Wait a brief minute while the search is carried out.

A familiar bass beat kicks in “When I walk on by…”

“Wiggle wiggle wiggle” (much high pitched giggling).

With the prime parent annoying song out of the way it’s on to

Party Rock Anthem

“Everyday I’m shufflin’
Shufflin’, shufflin'”


Step Three – Haribo music

With the small layer of rebellion out the way the playlist now time to apply favourite haribo music.  Sweet with no substance.

Firstly some X Factor Little Mix’s Wings.  Play this twice.

A brief splash of Jessie J’s Price Tag before it’s interrupted by some Carla Rae Jensen.

“Ooh, isn’t that the one with the car washing, and he’s actually in love with a boy and not her…”

Awkward silence

Taylor Swift, the never ever never ever never song.  At least these are the only words that everyone seems to join in with. Ever.


Step Four Add a chunky Korean in sunglasses

Any child’s 2012 has to include the most watched and overplayed song of the year. So this needs to be sprinkled in as the final layer.

The playlist is complete barring the final touch.


Step Five Wash down with a Diva

The playlist has come to it’s end, time to close with something significant.  This could be a little Emeli Sande, or a not so little Adele.  Much to everyone’s surprise, I think, at the recent party it was Whitney Houston.

And it is over.  We leave the party flushed with the sugary sweetness.


And When I was Eleven?

Given no Spotify, concept of playlists or access to all that music and after a bit of head scratching I’d probably have ended up with an eleven year old playlist of equally sugary substance:

The Sweet – Wig Wam Bam

KC and the Sunshine Band – That’s the Way I Like Itwomble

Suzi Quatro – Devil Gate Drive

Instead of a chunky Korean we had The Wombles and Remember You’re a Womble.

And The closest thing we had to a diva was probably Telly Savalas and If.

So nothing changes really…