Day 30 – Your favourite song at this time last year – Light My Fire by The Doors

So after 30 days, and thanks to the person who has kept going all the way, we reach the end of the challenge.  By going all the way back a year and asking what was my favourite I listening to then?

Fortunately because it’s all written down for all to see, you can see that it was The Doors and most definitely Light My Fire.  And not just the wimpy single version clocking in at a mere three minutes but the one with the gloriously replete keyboard solo.  Not that the relationship with the Doors was all love that week – The End I did not like.  Sometimes you can go on a bit too long.

But then that’s the beauty of an album, you can come to love something new, but also discover what definitely doesn’t whet your whistle.  And it doesn’t matter, the artist was trying something out and sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t.

I wonder what will be my favourite song in a year?

Thank you for joining me on the 30 day challenge…I plan to be back soon in the blink of a bat for lashes to start a new journey.

You can read the post here from a year ago – Living with…The Doors… for a week.