Day 29 – A song from your childhood – The Bare Necessities

In a time before videos, DVDs and blu ray there was only one way for children to enjoy again and again the delight of a Disney film.

Once it had passed on from the cinema and you’d seen it as many times as you could plea and beg with your mum and dad you were left with the long playing record of story and music.  In our house there were two of these – The Aristocats (O Malley the Alley Cat) and of course The Jungle Book.

And there were so many gems in the jungle – the hypnotic Kaa.   Trusssstt in Me.  The totally nuts King Louie who wanted to know the secret of man’s red fire.  The grumpy elephants. Hup Two Hup Two.  The scouse vultures.

But the best of all was Baloo the Bear – we all wanted to be friends with Baloo – who would protect you from everyone and everything but was also so immensely cool, and of course had the smooth voice of Phil Harris.

The best song of the lot?  The Bare Necessities of course.  So everyone join in.  That includes you little britches.

All you gotta do is…

Come on Baggy, get with the beat.