Day 28 – A song that makes you feel guilty – Drive by The Cars

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I can’t be alone in this.

As those opening strains of The Car’s Drive kick in, I’m instantly swept back to the harrowing images of Ethiopia that filled our screens in 1984 and 1985.  I knew and loved The Car’s song before then and the classic Best Friend’s Girl but the moment that video was shown it became forever linked with that first Live Aid and all other associations were blown away.

That summer we rightly felt guilty for what was going on in Africa, and fuelled on by Bob Geldof’s passion and bullying of the formal institutions we responded in a way that hadn’t been seen before.  We partied and gave on a massive scale.  And Drive was the flagship song – the backdrop for those harrowing images of starving children with their swollen bellies and plaintive looks.

We all felt guilty then, and I still feel guilty now when I hear this song.  Which is a shame really, because it’s a half-decent love song.