Day 27 – A song that you wish you could play – ABC of Boogie Woogie (Jools Holland, Charlie Watts)

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I’ll get to the point. I wish I could play anything on the piano. Seriously anything, even Billy Joel.

As someone with very low IQ (instrumental quotient) I’m not sure how I can answer this challenge. There’s the Deep Purple rift mentioned yesterday, some rather stilted Simon and Garfunkel numbers on the recorder and… well, actually that’s it.

But I’ve always loved the piano. On a practical front you don’t need to tune it like a guitar. But mainly it makes the most beautiful noises from the  simplicity of Imagine to the complexity of a classic Rachmaninov piano concerto.  But it’s a riproaring boogie woogie session that tickles the ivories for me.  I first heard classic boogie woogie recordings in a friend’s flat over 20 years ago and fell in love straightaway with the exuberance.

One of my piano heroes is Jules Holland.  And I guess you could choose so many numbers from his Big Band era or from  Squeeze but it’s a bit of boogie woogie for me from Later…I would so love to be able to play this.