Day 26 – A song that you can play on an instrument – Fitter Happier by Radiohead

Klaus Schulze on early Kindle keyboard?

OK, let’s get this straight. Since the age of 16 I’ve been able to play the first seven notes that form the opening to Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water but that’s when I stop.  I can’t move on to the eighth note.  I can’t improvise, modulate or move up a scale or whatever these musical types do.  That is the extent of my musical prowess.  It’s not really an impressive party piece.  The Donald Duck washing his face impression gets a better reaction, to be honest.

Until the advent of the Amazon Kindle that is.  In February 2011, I recorded my first piece for no81bob’s world in my week with Radiohead.  Below you can hear it:

Fitter Happier Rekindled by no81bob

Vocals: Amazon Kindle 3 Text to Speech (experimental)

Recording: Back Room, Thursday 4th February 2011 with Android Virtual Recorder

Background music: from Klaus Schulze’s Audentity

You may detect some background noise as one of the cats (I think it was Sam) passes in front of the microphone but I’d like to think it adds to the character of the piece.


It’s been a while, so maybe I should start thinking about that move on to the tricky second recording.  They often say that’s more difficult.


The original write-up can be found in Living with…Radiohead…for a week.