Day 25 – A song that makes you laugh – Where’s me jumper by The Sultans of Ping FC

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Hoorah!  Now for something that I’m really looking forward to- the song that makes me laugh and laugh again.  What can I say? This is punk in the great tradition of Jilted John (Gordon the moron) and Splodgenessabounds (two pints of lager…).  But I think these lyrics are even better than those classics and Niall O’Flaherty has a brilliantly annoying and persistent voice.

The story is set for a young man who has lost his jumper, and doesn’t know where to find it.  He is wracked with angst at the repercussions of losing the jumper.  It is after all, a fairly new one and doesn’t itch. Along the way we have gravy, Karl Marx, a lot of tea and an angry dog. What more would you want from a song?

So listen on… if you’ve never heard it before, I implore you to click below and of course, revel in the poetry of Where’s me jumper.

It’s alright to say things can only get better,
You haven’t lost your brand new sweater.
I know I had it on when I had my tea,
And I’m sure I had it on in the lavatory.

And (bow down all poet laureates)

And my dog, will be so, so angry.