Day 22 – A song that you listen to when you’re sad – So What by Miles Davis

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in the same way I struggled to be specific about music for feeling angry and happy, I certainly can’t claim particular music for sadness.  So instead I’ll go for pensive and wistful.

In which case, then my number one choice for p&w is the classic jazz album, A Kind of Blue by Miles Davis.  Sometimes certain music blows you away by its uniqueness introducing you to a new world.  A Kind of Blue was one of those moments.  I borrowed it from Birmingham library one day and never looked back.  I wouldn’t claim to be a jazz aficionado so won’t have a wide range to compare it with, but this music is magical.  Twenty five years on and the track that opens,  So What, is still what I listen to when I want to begin being pensive and/ or wistful.

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