Day 21 – A song that you listen to when you’re Happy: U can’t touch this – Glee cast version

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Rather like being angry, I’m not sure I seek out particular music when I’m happy but this one minute nine seconds of happiness is the main justification I can see for Glee (that and Artie’s other great moment The Safety Dance flash mob in a mall) and a good one to slot in here.

MC Hammer’s original is probably a bit of a joke now, remembered more for the pantaloons in the video than any contribution to musical heritage.  But Glee took the song to a pathetic attempt at rebellion that was sheer class.  An outbreak of U can’t touch this – surely something deep down subliminally we’d all like to do in the face of a stern-faced librarian (or doctor’s receptionist).

Right, off to take back some books…now, where’s me trousers from the eighties?