Day 19 – A song from your favourite album – Lord Is It Mine by Supertramp

My favourite album always has been (well since I can recall having the concept of a favourite album) Breakfast in America by Supertramp. It’s come through all the formats over the decades.  A bootlegged TDK C60 off a friend at a school with an unfortunate interruption part-way through the second side.  Then the LP record with that amazing American waitress as the statue of liberty, and of course the transition to CD and finally mp3.  Oh, how it has travelled!

And the love revolves around the purity of the electric piano sound on the album.  And nothing reflects that better than the much neglected song Lord, is it Mine?  It has never featured on a greatest hits compilation, you won’t find it anywhere but on this album, and yet it is the epitomy of that sound which made this album and this band so colosally successful.  This was the album I played when I passed my O levels, when I didn’t do so well in my A’s.  This was the album for those important occasions.

And in hindsight, maybe not a particularly fashionable album or track choice but I am gratified to find that Breakfast in America came in at number two in Q Magazine’s 2006 chart “Records it’s OK to Love”.

Praise indeed.