Day 18 – A song that you wish you heard on the radio – anything by Tangerine Dream

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Unlike their teutonic cousins Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream don’t get much airplay.  It could be because their music has no words, or it could be because…well I’ll say it before anyone else does, their music sort of all sounds the same.  But then that’s never stopped Status Quo or Mumford and Sons.

My love affair with the music of Tangerine Dream dates back to days when I studied.  I needed music while I worked but it also needed to be low on the intrusive count.  That coupled with the 25 minutes on each side of the LP, ideal time to just take a stretch in between bits, made Tangerine Dream ideal.  The live Logos album, Rubycon, Phaedra, Tangram all became firm studying favourites.

It’s always been a solo love affair as my family bemoans the sound whenever it comes on, and pull the most grotesque faces if I drop in a dose of Klaus Schulze.  But there you go.  Maybe that’s why TD don’t get that airplay.  Although I say anything by Tangerine Dream above, if I had to pick it would be Logos live at the Dominion – coming in at just over 45 minutes I really don’t understand why it doesn’t get a slot on tonight’s drivetime.  I’ll text Simon Mayo and see what he does.