Day 17 – A song that you hear often on the radio: Can’t Take my Eyes Off You by Andy Williams

Whether it was Radio Two, Radio 5 Live , Radio 6 Music or Radio 4 there were a number of songs that repeated through yesterday. Maybe not the day before or the one before. But yesterday as we mourned the passing of another great crooner, Andy Williams, we remembered the magical moments that he gave us. People recalled his charm, how he could link with people. And, of course, we played his songs.

Another link to our past passed away.

And this was the song I heard on more than one station – the one that really demonstrated the ease of that voice – effortlessly picking through the words at almost a talking pace and then ramping it all up for the I need you baby sequence. He made it all seem so easy, and that was his ultimate charm.

So you won’t hear this song every day. Not a Rihanna or Gaga but yesterday Andy was king of the airwaves and this song was his crown so he’s my Day 17.

Good bye Andy.