Day 16 – A song that you used to Love but now Hate – I Just Called To Say I love You – Stevie Wonder

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Dear Stevie,

I’m so sorry – I don’t want to hate one of your songs.

It’s just turned out that way.  You came along one summer and took over our radios. Day after day after day.  It all started off well.  After all you were Mr Wonder – you’d given us Superstition, My Cherie Amour, Master Blaster.

And when they started playing the song, I loved it.  Like the rest of the world I hummed along, I pretended to pick up a phone and sing in to it.

But they kept playing it.  And you went to number one, like forever.  Playing that song.  Again and again and again, and unfortunately that was the summer I spent glued to the radio and the love turned to hate.  The same thing happened to George Michael that summer.

Sorry Stevie again, I’d love to say it’s just the one song but you’d also done Ebony and Ivory, so there was some rebuilding to be done.  Anyway, forget about all that and time to move on – let’s put Innervision on and listen to Golden Lady.

That’s better.




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