Day 13 – A song that is a guilty pleasure – Awaken by Yes

Oh Yes.

How many guilty pleasures can we unwrap with that band?

For those too young to remember the heady self indulgent musical days of the ’70s, Yes were a super group only happy if a song was more than 10 minutes long, had several modulations and encompassed at least five musical genres in the one song.

In short, they were everything that punk set out to destroy in 1976.

But still they survive on, and I actually enjoy their music more now than probably when I first discovered it. I could have chosen Yours Is No Disgrace, All Good People, Close to the Edge, And You and I or Wonderous Stories.

But my all-time top indulgence is the epic Awaken from the 1977 album Going For the One. Recorded in a church in Switzerland with a number of grand movements, and a gloriously inflated organ solo in the middle this is the ultimate guilty pleasure.

Here is the recipe for how Awaken should be served.

1. Prepare by clearing the house of any human occupants.
2. Arrange the speakers at equi-distance from where you’re going to lie on the floor.
3. Grab bar of chocolate but unwrap so no noise later.
4. Lie on the floor between the speakers and turn volume up before pressing the play button.
5. Listen for 15 minutes 31 seconds while eating the chocolate luxuriating in the guilt of it all.
6. By the end, the house will be cleared of all other occupants – the cats won’t hang around long.

7. Repeat annually.

Here’s a clip to practise with