Day 12 – A song from a band you hate – Stan by Eminem

Having done nearly two years of Living with… different bands and singers have come and gone with varying degrees of adoration, indifference or dislike on my part. But I’ve always stuck with them for the week. Even Meat Loaf.

I only gave up on one of them after a day and that was Eminem. I felt I couldn’t go wrong and sure enough downloaded The Marshal Mathers LP to enjoy one of the most popular artists of the noughties.

I played it once. Ugh.

I tried it again. Even more ugh. I basically didn’t like him and everything he sang about. I think it’s fair to say that’s an unhealthy obsession with your mother you’ve got there.

I gave up and swapped to Arrested Development for the week.

Only one song somehow emerged for me although not totally unscathed – Stan.  Saved by the Thank You hook from Dido at the end of the day it is a decent story and decent melody. Even if it still involves locking a pregnant girlfriend in the trunk.