Day 10 – A song that makes you fall asleep: Balamory theme

There is a reason why this is known as Balasnory in our house.

As the opening toot from the ship breaks out and the kids start their incessant chanting of  ‘Balamory, Balamory’ I can feel my eyes going leaden.

For those without ore-school children in their lives, Balamory is a series set on a Scotitish island where all the houses have been painted to coordinate with their owners.  The characters are the  stock ones for a every child obviously – a shop keeper, a policeman, a teacher, a mini bus driver and of course a rather strange-looking inventor who lives in a pink castle on the hill.

I don’t remember much of the storylines now, as I tended to have dropped off by the time we got to the meat of them but I don’t think they were anything scandalous.  We’re not talking the culture shock of the Teletubbies here or the trippy controversy of In the Night Garden, so maybe a brief slumber was the best route to take.

We don’t get the Balasnory theme playing in out house anymore.  We’ve ‘moved on’ and it’s been replaced by the raucous shouting of American teen soaps – they seem permanently hyped and would certainly never co-ordinate their clothing with their houses.

It’s certainly much more difficult to drift off when they’re on, so in that sense, I probably miss the good folk of Balamory.


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