Day 9 – A song that you can dance to. Shake a tail feather from The Blues Brothers

Uhmmm, this is somewhere where you don’t want to go. Me and dancing, I guess what we’re referring to here is that body twitching that goes on while listening to the radio or music while in the kitchen. And we’re talking dancing, not air guitar here, aren’t we?

Nobody could ever say that I am or was a great dancer but there is a certain type of music that invokes that response more then any other.

Good old fashioned blues and soul music.

It all started when I shared a flat and witnessed a sight that fundamentally changed my whole outlook on the subject of ironing.

One of my flatmates, Ray, was probably the coolest guy you’d ever meet – he went on to be University president and probably some top lawyer. But these weren’t the things that impressed me and left a lasting impression. No, it was how he did his ironing. While the rest of us would either ignore the need to smooth our clothes, or watched Neighbours while we did it , Ray had other plans. For him, ironing was a chance to put on the Aretha Franklin nice and loud and do some pretty cool body twitching (aka dancing) while bawling out R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Sock it to me.

Soon the rest of us had to join in and my association of good old fashioned blues and soul music with taking the mundane out of housework was cemented. So forget about whistle while you work, splash on a bit of Blues Brothers with Ray Charles and I may almost shake a little tail feather.