Day 7 – A song that reminds you of a certain event – Harder Than You Think by Public Enemy. Paralympics 2012.

This summer’s Olympics had the magic of Mo, the glamour of Bolt and the wonder of Murray, but I think that most people would agree that the supposed poor relative, the Paralympics, all but matched for drama and heroes.  My personal favourites were the athletics particularly David Weir’s and Hannah Cockcroft’s achievements – and our personal experience in the stadium made them all the more special.  I’ve never experienced an atmosphere like that before.

But where the Paralympics scored way over the Olympics was in the choice of theme music by Channel 4.  I can’t see the BBC opting for Public Enemy for a theme, but it turned out to be an inspired choice such that the tune took over my life for two weeks and is still whizzing around my head.  I’m even prepared to forgive the annoying timing of Channel 4’s adverts for that selection!

The marriage of song and event are best seen in this amazing advert for the Games, Meet the Superhumans:

Still makes me tingle with the excitement!

What song brings back the memory of an event for you?


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Harder Than You Think was originally released in 2007, on the 20th anniversary of the band and has been used as backing for basketball and skating events.  Read Living with…Public Enemy…for a week.