Day 5 – A song that reminds you of Someone – New Morning by Bob Dylan

A good morning from

It’s so tempting when asked for a song that reminds you of someone to just write God Save the Queen.

But as anyone who has spent time in no81bob’s world before will soon realise one of the main themes is how music reminds me of people and places so I’m rather spoilt for other choice today.

Talking Heads Once in a Lifetime reminds me of a Greek guy called George who I haven’t seen in nearly 30 years and any Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison song my dad (it sort of got programmed in to all of us).  Hearing any Herman’s Hermits song will instantly recall the hours that I played table tennis with my brother on a home-made table.  Our grand dad had made it under the false impression that the surface should be painted in the highest of high glosses.  This not only made the ball shoot off it with a wicked spin but provided blind spots where the reflected light dazzled your opponent.  You soon learnt them and exploited them.  Our music of choice was the K-Tel Herman’s Hermits 20 Greatest Hits.

But my choice is New Morning by Bob Dylan which reminds me of my auntie Eva in her flat in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland.  I’d reached the age where anything that the adults did was boring as far as I was concerned.  So I would mope around her flat reading books, and then discovered one day a copy of Bob Dylan’s New Morning album hidden away amongst a predominantly Swiss folk collection.  I didn’t know it but it looked different so I put it on the turntable and I remember two things – my delight at discovering a gem that I’ve loved all my life since, and her delight in hearing again music from a long way back, maybe some special time in her life.  I don’t know if she ever played that album again, but whenever I hear that album and this opening song it reminds me of her delight.

What song brings back the memory of someone for you?

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