Day 2 – Your least favourite song – that Titanic one by Celine Dion


Continuing the 30 day song challenge.

They say a great song can make a movie.

It can also sink it without trace.

I’ll be honest, there’s nothing wrong with the epic Titanic movie.  Well, nothing that a heavy session on the cutting room floor couldn’t rectify including the removal of the soundtrack.  It’s never stood a chance for me from the moment that ponderous leviathan of a song kicked in.  In the same way that this songs drags you down…oh, I’ll stop now.

If this really rocks your boat then here’s a video clip with some teenagers making funny gestures on the front of a ship and getting steamy in a parked car.  And a woman singing a song that I don’t know the name of.

Me, I’m off to listen to some ZZ Top.

And tomorrow I’m going to be nice about a song.  Promise.