Day 1 – Your favourite song: There is a Light that Never Goes Out by The Smiths

So breaking in to that first mile of the 30 day song challenge.

I start Day 1 with one of those formative songs – one of my favourite songs had to come from The Smiths’ 1986 classic The Queen Is Dead.  Although not necessarily my favourite album of all time TQID is one that shaped what I like more than anything else and of all the classic songs it had to be this one.

What more would you want from a song – love, death, driving around in cars and generally being a teenager.  Johnny Marr creating a magical melody and Morrissey at his most – well, Morrisseyness I suppose.

I believe this is unique in leading you in to a chorus of double-decker buses and ten tonne trucks.  I’ve not done the Desert Island thing yet but this surely joins me on the sand with my gramaphone, Holy Bible and Complete Works of Shakespeare.

And as we clearly haven’t tired yet of the Olympics a little bit of Smiths trivia – we all remember the bit where the seven young athletes lit the flames at the end of that amazing opening ceremony, and the individual flames come together to form the larger torch .  Codenamed There is a Light That Never Goes Out!  So maybe Danny Boyle shares my love for this song as well…

I can also confirm from my trip to the stadium there that the  Smiths also formed part of the playlist  for the athletics.  Even Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now.

And finally. how many Smiths does it take to fix a lighbulb?

None, because there is a light that never goes out.