Living with…Emeli Sande…for a week


Emeli Sande in Amsterdam from David Boyle's photostream, Flickr

Simply a review this week…

Our Version of Events – Emeli Sande (2012)

As Emeli Sande’s Our Version of Events album is on a continual loop in our house anyway I might as well succumb to her as musical companion for the week. It was either that or The Osmonds, so not really a choice then.

First things first, Emeli Sande is NOT a product of a reality show, whether The Voice Factor, Britain’s Got X or whatever. She is genuine home-spun talent. But she does seem to move in their circles. As well as her own self-scribed material she has been churning out material for the likes of Leona Lewis, Susan Boyle and rapper Tinie Tempah. And Simon Cowell has allegedly called her his ‘favourite songwriter of the minute’. Quite how long that minute lasted and when it was isn’t really known. And how the horde of singer-songwriters that do work for him feel about that isn’t really known either.

Second things second, her full name is Adele Emeli Sande. For I guess obvious artistic reasons she’s dropped the first name on stage. The prospect of two singer-songwriters called Adele would be way too much for the British pop-listening public. Although she is marginally older so could possibly pull rank and say that she was there first and ask for a name change from the other Adele. Worth a try?

Third things third. The music. At times I was afraid listening to Our Version of Events that I would be entering Radio 2 no man’s land – Melualand. A few tracks such as Clown have the scent of Katie Melua about them, filling me with that fear. But for the most part they stay clear of Melualand and remain intelligent and original, yet grounded in the  mix of soul and pop that has a great 60’s heritage and can come back again and again as far as I’m concerned.

Any radio listener of the last few months will have caught the compulsively catchy celebration of love Next To Me, and it’ll be on the back of that the album is flying high in the charts. But of equal excellence are earlier singles Daddy and Heaven. Heaven’s theme of how we all try to be good, to have moral values and frankly fail is one we can all associate with!

Oh heaven, Oh heaven
I always wake with good intentions
But the day it always lasts too long.

And as a rule her themes are more than boy meets girl, boy wants to meet girl, girl falls out with boy.. my favourite track overall is the dark and disturbing Daddy, an edgy Dusty Springfield like number about addiction . The yearning, the compulsive behaviour where somehow her only hope is to leave.

Emeli thinks about her world, she wants to make a change. She is a medical student supposedly taking a break to make an album before she completes her studies. She can always go back and become a doctor. At the moment she is the darling of the music press and radio and hopefully that can last. Something tells me that this music malarkey may be a place that she stays for some time, performing her own material and writing for others.

Video of the week for me is Next to Me, if only because you just have to join in.  It lifts you up.  And she does look stunning.


Twotes of the week

@ChuckNorrisDid: If you have five dollars and Chuck Norris has five dollars, Chuck Norris has more money than you.

@RealTimeWWII: RAF is now using 500,000 homing pigeons, to carry messages to airbases from reconnaissance planes while maintaining radio silence.

@GlennyRodge: TELLY FACT: On Sesame Street, whenever Ernie wanted the house to himself he’d stick a bit of Schubert on the CD player.

 @FrancisMaudeAdv: To ward off future gas price hikes store natural gas in party balloons which can be kept in the attic or garden shed

@GCHQ_UK: We were told to get on twitter seeing as you’re all already telling us everything. Saves us the trouble.#telldaveeverything