no81bob top 20 2011: No 8 Soon – My Bloody Valentine

So where does Loveless fit in?  Take the Cocteau Twins and add a lot more coarse guitar feedback and tremelo as the backdrop and you have the very distinctive sound.  I don’t think I’ve heard anything like this before.  And like many great albums, first, second and third listen aren’t easy and then it starts to gel.  The layers unfurl and you can hear art within the music.

It all sounds a bit pretentious if I’m honest but by the end of the week I found this a remarkable album.  It does feel like Kevin Shields and his band broke new ground.  There are so many layers to the sound, and yet no one can ever be pinned down.  Like a throbbing bass layer heard from under water.  Lyrics where just snatches are clear.

To pick out favourites almost seems churlish – the opening track Only Shallow storms in, I love the wailing and soaring guitar of To Here Knows.  The closing track Soon is probably the closest you’ll come to a dance track on the album!  They never released a single but one track has had wider coverage – Sometimes featured in the hugely successful film Lost in Translation in a beautiful scene travelling through Tokyo.  Very trippy, to be honest.

I’ve gone for Soon as the video clip:



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