no81bob top 20 2011: No 15 där Sohn vom Pfarrär (Son of a Preacher Man) – Sina

Dusty in Memphis features one of the best songs of that era in Son of a Preacher Man. It’s gutsy with an air of challenge and is very very catchy. You can’t help yourself – it’s in your head for the rest of the day, and is my all-time favourite Dusty song. Fortunately Aretha Franklin had turned it down, leaving it wide open for the girl from West Hampstead to grab and make her own.

So how cool a revelation to discover this week a Swiss German version catchily entitled där Sohn vom Pfarrär. And gorgeous as Dusty is, that’s my video of the week. You don’t get much better than Schweizerdeutsch soul…:


där Sohn vom Pfarrär – Sina


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