Happy first birthday no81bobsworld

Picture courtesy of ryskiphotos on flickr.

no81bob’s world celebrates it’s first birthday.  A year ago I started blogging with the words

“So lets try this experiment…” and then spent a week with the Rolling Stones.

As is right on these occasions, I’d like to thank everyone who’s made the last year such fun with your comments, suggestions, encouragement and debate.  I’ve also met a lot of great new people online from Dean Martin fanatics to Faith No More afficionados.  Thanks to Akismet (an anti-spam filter) the not-so-nice people have generally been kept away.

I’ve heard some brilliant stories, my personal favourite being that of the Laconia to the backdrop of Duke Ellington.

I’ve heard from one of the band members of Black October, a group of my teens! (Sonic Youth)

I’ve made contact with a long lost American cousin.

I’ve discovered that the Brighton and Hove Albion community will have an opinion on everything, not just football…

And finally I’ve discovered some great music.

So celebrate no81bob’s world first birthday and let’s see if we can make it to another one!