Living with…Adele…for a week

Slightly inappropriate

It was the third time that P had played Adele’s Someone like you on our short fifteen minute car journey.  I wasn’t objecting, just puzzled.  She was bawling out the lyrics so happily, especially the resounding chorus

“Never mind
I’ll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you too”

And then as it tinkled to it’s end she would reach out to repeat the song again.  She hadn’t done this since Big Time Rush and a particularly rowdy rendition of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now.

“Why are we listening to this?” I ask

“Because I like it, of course.  And…this was the song that we all sang when we said goodbye to the Year 6 in assembly this morning as they go up to senior school.”

I paused.

Should I explain that it’s slightly inappropriate as a song about fond farewells?  That when she says  “I wish nothing but the best for you”, I don’t think she REALLY means that.  That when she turns up out of the blue uninvited, that’s STALKING and she’s not just passing the time with them.  And then I thought – zip it – that’s not what P and the other kids are hearing.  They’re hearing “Don’t Forget Me” and “I’ll remember”, and they’re good sentiments.  It’s only slightly inappropriate.


And this week Lewis Hamilton won a race.  In Germany.  And that’s always good, although I don’t tend to get F1.  But the story for me was his revelation that the national anthem was really too short to savour the moment of victory.

So, maybe we play some more of the verses? Like

“May he sedition hush, and like a torrent rush, Rebellious Scots to crush, God save the King.”


“God bless the prince, I pray, Charlie I mean; That Scotland we may see Freed from vile Presbyt’ry,”

I guess not, that would rather stifle the composition of Team GB – no Andy Murray in the tennis for starters – it would be more than slightly inappropriate.

He probably just means a few extra bars from the brass band.


And what about the couples who have Every Breath You Take or Suspicious Minds as THEIR song? Who have Gold Digger played as the opener at their wedding disco? Or Band of Gold as the closing song?

That’s a bit more than slightly inappropriate.


Amy Winehouses’s funeral.  Back to Black?  Sadly appropriate.

Adele 21 (2011)

So what’s all the fuss about?

Adele shot up the list of artists to share my week, courtesy of P’s repeat moment above, Amy Winehouse’s death and frankly wondering what all the fuss was about. In just short of six months her album 21 has sold just over 5 million in just the UK and US. And you hear it everywhere.

There is so much that is easy to love.  She imparts so much character and story  to her songs – sometime her voice reminds me of Annie Lennox, other times even Everything But the Girl’s Tracey Thorn.  But in the end, she is her own…

I love the three singles Rolling in the Deep; Someone Like You and Set Fire to the Rain.  They stand out from an impressive sounding album overall.

I love her amazing voice.

I love the simple sound with space to hear the backing, and with a subtle gospel/ blues sound.

I love the fact that she covers The Cure’s Lovesong if only because they don’t get covered enough

And yet? It’s all too good.  The rough edges have been made to seem like rough edges.  I’m sorry Adele.  I’m sure you would write in your own lyrics – it’s not you Adele – there’s nothing wrong with you.  It’s me, you’re all too good for me.

I’ve just put on Bob Dylan’s New Morning as an antidote.  He allegedly had quite a heavy cold when he was recording and he sounds a little rough around the edges and out of tune.  See, I think we’d get along…

Even so, video of the week is Adele’s Someone Like You from The Brits…definitely too good.


Twotes of the week

@johnprescott: Must say, Brighton supporters fought a great campaign to get Falmer. Shame Norman Baker, the local MP, fought against it tooth and nail

@GlennyRodge: Man walks into Doctor’s and says: “Doctor, I think I’m addicted to Twitter.” The Doctor says: “I know. You stole that joke, didn’t you?

@LinScan: Off on holiday soon? Taking your camera? Here are my top 5 tips for taking better holiday photos:

@Jonathan_Pryor: Had a dream I was in a book group with Eric Pickles. I had a melted ice lolly. No more cheese.

@DeathStarPR: Dear Twitter, you seem to keep blowing up. Learn from our mistakes: get any small thermal exhaust ports covered ASAP.