Living the Godiva with…Mirrors

July 1-3 2011 marks the 14th Godiva Festival in Coventry’s Memorial Park.  It claims to be the largest free music festival in Britain and over the years has built up stronger line-ups. A far cry from the first time I went, beer glass in hand watching some long forgotten band with just a handful of others.  Management of the festival has changed this year, but here’s hoping the tradition of improving year on year continues.

In recent years, Friday night has become 80’s night and last year’s line-up of Kid Creole and the ‘daughters of the Coconuts’ ; ABC and the excellent Christians will be a difficult act to follow.

2011’s lineup features a modern band Mirrors (but as you’ll see below, more 80’s than most!) followed by the brilliant Blancmange and headliners Heaven 17.  In the tradition of no81bob’s Living with…I’m spending a few weeks leading up to the festival with the bands and the best of their albums…

Starting with…

Mirrors – Lights and Offerings (2011)

There’s two important cool things to know about Mirrors – they’re from Brighton (which instantly puts them in the same category as Fat Boy Slim and Leo Sayer) and they’re on the ultimate record label, SKINT – of which more later.

Mirrors come to the Godiva Festival on the back of Glastonbury and a European tour.  Kitted out like Kraftwerk with a sound strongly reminiscent of early to mid 80’s OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark), they could be sick and tired of the constant 80’s comparisons.  But they seem pretty comfortable with it – and have responded by classifying themselves as pop noir.  Not quite sure what that means but their sound is beautifully layered synth (call it 80’s if you will) with a touch of morose thrown in.  So maybe that’s what it means.

Their first album Lights and Offerings was released earlier this year and I’m enjoying time with it – there aren’t any weak moments, the synth sound is pure but not over sweet.  Instead, its often brooding and slightly dark with particular favourites Into the Heart and Ways to an End.  I’m also loving the 10 minute epic finale Secrets – come on, you can’t develop a decent electro number in much less time than that!  If there is any criticism it’s that the lyrics don’t grab you enough, and could do with more variety.  However, all in all a very solid collection and definitely worth a spin.

Live, they apparently dress in the suits like Kraftwerk but are known to move about a little more , so here’s hoping the early evening slot gets a warm reaction from the crowd.



A brief mention for Mirrors’ record label SKINT which is officially the coolest on the planet, clearly for the music they produce but mainly for their sponsorship of Brighton and Hove Albion at a time when it seemed so apt, and gave us back some street cred.  And maybe some of that money got spent on Bobby Zamora, and oh the rest is history…anyway, thanks Norman Cook (aka Fat Boy Slim) and SKINT for your long term sponsorship of the Seagulls that meant we may not always have been the coolest team on the pitch, but our shirts were the coolest in the night clubs.

And I believe at one game in the late 90s Barnet could have played Brighton making it SKINT versus LOADED magazine in the sponsorship battles.  If that happened, wasn’t that ironic?

Mirrors will be playing the Godiva Festival in Coventry’s War Memorial Park on Friday July 1st.

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