A Mexican on holiday in Switzerland

Continuing the holiday…

Continuing the holiday theme, in preference to listening to Celine Dion we played the Mexican game all week – inspired by an excellent cheese fondue at Prätschli – which would be the magic combination of wine, pflümli and cheese.

So this week a Mexican is on holiday in Switzerland…

A Mexican frying bratwursts (regional variation of the classic A Mexican frying an egg)

A Mexican on a T-bar ski lift

Four Mexicans eating a cheese fondue

A Mexican playing tennis with Roger Federer who is also wearing a sombrero (guess which one is Roger?)

A Mexican standing at five o’clock on a very large Swiss Railway Clock

It would be so tempting for the Mexican to attend THE wedding next week…


no81bob’s world is supposed to have a musical theme, so even on hols we made a wonderful discovery.  For three days we spent time with some dear friends the Gerster family just outside Zurich.  They’re amazingly talented in so many ways – fluently tri-lingual for a start over the meal table – Swiss/German, English and Japanese!

But a brief plug for Liz, their daughter who records her own music and videos and shares them with all through Youtube – you can find her at her channel Blrughhhhhhhhh (she does explain I think).  A very talented musician who faces the additional challenge of a train service interrupting her recordings as they pass the apartment…but at least you know exactly when the trains are going to come.  My two favourites are below – one  a cover and one her own composition – the songs are great and I particularly love these videos as they show the home and family.

Pretty Girl

Take a Bow

Many thanks to the Gersters.  Best wishes Liz with the music.  And I forgive you  for saying “bloggers mostly bore me”.

Travelling curse?

Thanks for all the feedback on the story of Jim Chappell and the Laconia a few weeks ago in Living with…Duke Ellington…for a week.

I ended with: I have a long journey this week, and anyone who knows me will know about lost luggage, missed boats and trains, unexpected airports, the wrong trains and extraordinary diversions (such as 300 miles to collect a missing passport)…Add to that list missing a plane…I cannot apologize any more than I have already…

Gleewatch: Catching up with two weeks’ worth – great to have Gwyneth Paltrow back but did they have to choose Gary Glitter’s Do You Wanna Touch Me? (Oh Yeah).  Seriously, a Gary Glitter song about touching?

Meanwhile  the projectile vomiting in Ke$ha’s Tik Tok added to the atmosphere and themes of the song…I think the Principal was right on that count.

Twotes of the week back next week.