Living with…Faith No More….for a week

With little metal music under my belt I looked forward to time with Faith No More’s Angel Dust.  A week with Elton John, and trust me, I slipped in to metal comfortably – there are only two acceptable volume settings here, ten and eleven, so I apologize to some good folk in Eastern Green and Leamington for the disruption…just had to check out the car speakers could take it.

I didn’t find FNM as alien as I thought – I have a secret passion (now out in the open) for a prog rock group called Porcupine Tree discovered through a football forum a few years back and they share this combination of intelligent rock and sense of humour.  FNM’s Midlife Crises and Everything’s Ruined are probably my two favourities on the album  just for sheer turn it up loud and enjoy.  The album also features one of their better known tracks over here, a cover of Lionel Richie’s Easy, but by the time I reached it at the end of the album it sort of came as a disappointment after the power of the rest.

So to the first question of the week…what do a plumber,  a planning officer, an account manager and two music technicians have in common? No, they’re not the subs bench from Crawley’s visit to Old Trafford last Saturday, but the aspiring rock gods who comprise Faith No Man, a Midlands-based FNM tribute band.

[Faith No Man]

I’ve met Troy Sahota, the drummer of Faith No Man,  a couple of times before and what better week to have a brief but very productive email chat with someone who is dedicated to the original FNM in a BIG way.  In the great tradition of 70s magazine ♥ ♥ ♥ Jackie ♥ ♥ ♥ (we have the obligatory pin-up posters as well), here is an interview with a local ‘rock-god’:

Why Faith No More cover band?  What’s special about them? I am such a huge fan of Faith No More (and their drummer Mike Bordin) that when the opportunity came along to join a FNM Tribute, I had to reply to the ad!

Why FNM?  They are one of the very few bands that have done something that changed metal music and have influenced some of today’s big bands.  They have been blamed (to their utter disgust) for EMO/ NU-Metal music.  FNM really are not a metal band, they have so much diverse music across all their albums that it is difficult to pin them to any one genre.  That said, metal seems the closest to their core.  In my opinion, I have not known any band that is so diverse as FNM.  They truly are unique.  Over a decade later, they reform for a world tour and sell out every single show.

I would advise anyone to look into Mike Patton (FNM front man) for all his projects that he works on.  His talent is truly surreal, many say he is a modern day genius!

What’s the best bit about being ‘in the band’? After spending countless hours of rehearsals and learning, the pay off comes when you’re gigging and the buzz you get from that.  Especially when the crowd are getting into it!

Do any of you have any superstitions before you ‘hit the stage’? None that I know of, although if we ever have a Subway before a gig… the gig tends to be shit, like Subway lol!
(There goes that sponsorship deal with Subway – also not sure that would have cleared the ♥ ♥ ♥ Jackie ♥ ♥ ♥ censor.)

Have you ever met anyone from the original FNM?
Ritchie and David have met the FNM singer after a gig.  Not a lot was said as he generally gets swamped with fans.  We have had the Bass player send us a quick message on our Facebook account, which was unexpected.  We also are friends and communicate with Matt Wallace, who produced all of the albums up to and including Angel Dust.  He is one very cool guy.

If you could cover another band, who would you want to cover? I’m not sure I would do any further covers at all.  I would like to spend the next project writing original material.  I have been in covers bands throughout my drumming life and have covered most of the artists I would want to cover.

Which one of Girls Aloud or Take That do you fancy most? And why? Gary Barlow, yeah I love him for his accent.

The most surprising part of this is that Troy’s not chosen Take That’s Howard Donald but he’s clearly a man who appreciates intellect and a regional accent over stunning good looks.  Each to their own.  A scientific poll at the local hairdressers voted for Howard – Gary was a tad chubby for my research group.

You can check out Faith No Man at their myspace area: which includes a list of quite a few gigs through this year.  I’m vowing to catch one (I believe they set the volume somewhere around ten and eleven) – anybody else up for it?

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